Black Venus is a performer, martial artist, facilitator and poet. Her work explores sensuality, strength and power play,
blending visuals and subtle poetry that speak of the divine feminine and erotic love.She is founder of Sex and Rage,
an organisation led by sex workers, educators and activists that resists stigma and shame as main causes of sexual and
gender based violence, and is co-founder of Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, a physical and meta-physical self-defence club
that centres the QTIPOC community.

Video Credits: Lyrics by Black Venus
Video shot, edited and track produced by Gin
Beat by Unicorn Waves



Beginning a perfect circle,
You find the ends untied.

Then as if guided by unseen hands,
Drawing together the pieces
Scattered in certainty by forgotten winds,
Reclaiming the Whole as
More than it was before-
Such is love, my love.
Love is a constant undoing of sensuous folds,
Eliminating the gaps between
Cells and finding there
A wilderness, labyrinths of
Longing scented with memories
Of blossom bold as a full moon,
Lost in the white darkness and
Guided by the fire you hold in
Your palm wet with tears, ours.
Love is like the falling away of the
Horizon, confounding the birds who
Only know they are flying into blue,
White oceans spraying silver into
The laps of lusty sirens
Their legs opening lazily for the sea.

Love is the loosening of your shirt
From which falls a thousand sexy
Revelations, a hundred sorrows and
Dreams painted in white symbols across
The altar of your breast,
Amber eyes an ancient offering,
The alchemy of similar opposites
Flashing across our skin quick
As tongues lightning red and
Hands just as thirsty.

Love is finding myself on a cliff
Facing West and far below
A sea breaks upon itself
As the elements erode me,
Allowing the unessential
To fall into the Liquid silver wail below until
Only a diamond is left,
Glinting in the coming sun.
Such is love, my love

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